Gorgeous round diamond solitaire flanked on either side by pave' diamonds set in white gold. This engagement ring looks beautiful set agains the pink and gold. Summer engagement session in the woods by Kari Dawson Photography.

summer engagement session in the woods . kimberly + christopher {i will} . kari dawson photography

I am so excited to share Christopher and Kimberly’s summer engagement session in the woods. If there is any one word I would use to describe Kimberly and Christopher and their relationship, it would be laughter. And I’m sure they would agree. They both keep each other laughing. Neither take themselves or life too seriously. I knew I would connect with Kimberly when I received her first email which described my work as ‘romantical’. I am a total sucker for words, it’s a strange affinity, I know and I especially like made up words. Together, Kimberly and Christopher, enjoy dinners at home, wine, movies that are well, comedies of course and sitcoms that are also full of humor. Everybody Loves Raymond in particular is a favorite of Kimberly’s. Todd and I never really get into sitcoms and never saw Everybody Loves Raymond when it originally aired. But after the twins were born I can remember trying to shut out all the light and sound at 7:00 p.m. trying to get a chunk of sleep in while Todd stayed awake with the babies. Instead, I found myself laughing in bed because I could hear the reruns of Everybody Loves Raymond. Laughter is a cure for everything. When these two aren’t enjoying date night they can be found remodeling a home they purchased together and have since spent nearly one year to renovate. I’m a total believer that if your relationship can withstand the test of a home remodel, it can stand the test of anything.

I met Kimberly and Christopher at Stoney Creek Metropark near the Nature Center. Kimberly and I both watched the hourly weather forecast all week and it wasn’t looking too good early in the week. I am glad we opted not to postpone and just go for it expecting dry skies and sunshine because that it what we got. I enjoyed watching the two of them giggle together early on in their session as we all worked out the nerves. Thank you, Christopher for humoring me for some of the things that must have felt a little cheesy. But you’ll see below that they don’t look cheesy at all. One of my favorite things about shooting near the Nature Center is the field of tall grass. Just as I was ready to direct them into the grass Christopher noticed a skunk hanging out near the edge of the tall grass. I just spotted a rather large garter snake in my own backyard a few days before that so I was nice and edgy by this point. We avoided the skunk but as we headed to the restrooms to change I spotted it just digging in the dirt next to the path we were walking on. Kimberly and Christopher spoke candidly and laugh while I hawk eyed the creature. It eventually sauntered off into a completely different direction while Kimberly and Christopher changed. As we neared the grass again, feeling like it was okay for us to shoot in that area, Christopher points into the tall grass while I hear a rustle and jump completely out of my skin. I almost took Kimberly out in the process and completely embarrassed myself in the process. Christopher was trying to point out a cute little chipmunk while I lost it. Anyway, we braved the tall grass and created some pretty pictures. I’m glad my drama didn’t scare you guys off, Christopher and Kimberly! I am so excited to finally share your sneak peek with you! And we are now a mere six months away from the wedding! Holy Family in Detroit is such a stunning church, I can’t wait to see your vows unfold in such a splendid setting along with the party afterward at Pennas! Enjoy! xoxo – Kari

Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2587Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2410
Summer Engagement Session in the Woods--2
Summer Engagement in the Woods-2440
Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2509Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2478Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2611Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2473Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2425Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2378Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2603Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2596Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2562Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2525Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2372Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2587Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2585Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2577Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2560Summer Engagement Session in the Woods-2525

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