After walking many couples through their day, I can tell you: If it feels like we’re old friends, you’ll be able to exhale and focus on your love instead of being sharply aware of the camera. During your engagement session you’ll be able to relax and play more, and by the day of your wedding I’ll simply melt into the background as you drink in once-in-a-lifetime moments.
When you work with me, we will get well acquainted, and you will have space to be yourself. Including all the quirky, funny parts. You’ll also know an experienced voice has your back through the whole journey of planning and enjoying a wedding. The results will be elegant, light-filled images where you look and feel like the best version of yourself.


What would it feel like to have a friend photograph your wedding?

Michigan Wedding Photographer serving Metro Detroit, Ann Arbor, and beyond

-wanna be friends?-


01. my love story

I’m Audrey Hepburn - with a nose ring. I believe in elegance, class, and being fully yourself. I keep a close circle of deep relationships rather than tending to a thousand acquaintances. This means I pay close attention to those I’m with - friend and client alike. I’m that person who always seems to sense what you need. I know when to let things unfold and when to offer a little guidance, when you’re thrilled about something and when you could use someone to step in and redirect. This makes it easy for me to be your secret ally on your wedding day, because what you need will change moment to moment. This frees you up to focus on why you’re there: To marry your love and savor your own circle of people who love you most. I can’t wait to learn more about you. Until then, you can get to know me a little here:

the artist

documenting the moments in between

02. working with me is like...

03. tidbits we have in common

Photo credit: Dayna Mae

Let's Chat!

I still remember my first dates with Todd. Driving in the car, praying he’d grab my hand, butterflies taking flight. I’m a lucky girl, because after 24 years of marriage, he still wants to hold my hand. I’m still his favorite girl. And he still looks at me with selfless love and unbridled passion. It wasn’t always easy - we married at the age of 17 and 19. In our first year, we became parents and bought us our first home (no honeymoon, I can tell you). But the years since have seen us grow together and become the biggest cheering fans to our five children. We are intentional about self- care and date nights. We surround ourselves with fiercely loving family and tend to priceless relationships with people who make us better, keep us grounded, and remind us of our center.  
From spending more than half my life with Todd, I know that love is carried in the glances couples share, in embraces, in tears, and in laughter. I see that unheard language in others. The way your shoulders relax when you set eyes on your partner, that half smile you give right before you play off a witty remark, these are things I love to capture. You might not even realize until you see it how “you” it is, but you’ll know how much it means. I have felt it myself. I can’t wait to see you make memories as beautiful as mine. 

my love story

Let's Chat

...having a calm, experienced voice guide you in creating your dream photos, and also preparing you for the rest of your wedding. You and your love are probably both busy working professionals, and your to-do list just got a little crazy now that wedding planning is underway. I’m here to lighten the burden in a thousand ways, large and small. From referrals to ease your search for reliable vendors up through advising or creating your timeline, I live for details. You can take a break from Google - I have already gathered everything you need to know. I have guides and gifts galore to bestow on you to make planning simple.  

working with me is like...

“Kari’s emails and text messages always reminded me to soak up this experience and knowing life after planning only brings more. More laughs, more memories, more fun, more everything... she overfilled our cup with blessings.” 

- Christopher and Molly

Why do I want to ease the load? So you and your love have more time to connect and remember why you’re getting married in the first place. That’s what I hope you will most savor about this time. 

I simply adore being Todd's wife along with being an avid reader, quote collector, and writer. Chunky necklaces and blazers are must have staples. I like my home just like I like my work, full of bright light and soft colors. Fresh flowers are another staple and peonies are among my favorites. When I'm not shooting, reading, writing, or with my friends and family I equally adore decorating and designing the spaces at home we love most. And I live for a good sunset. Sunsets and champagne are my love language.
Quirks... we're all a little weird aren't we? Some of us are just a bit more comfortable expressing our quirks in front of others but we're all weird. I like the smell of skunks. I can't whistle. I will sing along with every song at your reception. I'm like a walking juke box. I have a Boston Terrier named Earl. Having a dog isn't quirky but my fur baby is full of noisy quirks. Snoring and stealing my favorite blanket are among his favorites. 

I adore + my quirks



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Collections are simple and include everything you’re likely to want (and a few things you didn’t think to ask for).

Every collection includes a customized timeline, full day coverage, and an engagement session. Hit the contact button for full pricing details. 

Full Collections begin at $4800
Intimate + Elopement Pricing available upon request.

the details

you choose how we will tell your story

1. press

2. client reviews

3. faqs

-Let's Chat-


Over ten years of professional experience has lead me to carefully craft a wedding collection that provides a heart-felt, luxury experience 

essential $4800

7 hours continuous coverage
customized timeline
high resolution digital files
mobile ready viewing, 
sharing + ordering
print rights
10 years cloud based storage

keepsake $5650

8 hours continuous coverage
engagement session
customized timeline
high resolution digital files
mobile ready viewing, 
sharing + ordering
print rights
10 years cloud based storage

10 hours continuous coverage
engagement session
customized timeline
high resolution digital files
mobile ready viewing, 
sharing + ordering
print rights
10 years cloud based storage
8x8 wedding album
second photographer

heirloom $6900

local and national publications

"Our photos are simply exquisite! Kari truly captured our love story and we find ourselves looking at our photos all the time in awe of how awesome they are. She captured moments and details that Christopher and I didn't get to see. Our photo album is also amazing - it will be a treasured memento for years to come."

client reviews

"Christopher and I are sort of quirky and Kari understood and embraced that." 

mallory + christopher

"I am SO in love with each and every picture from our wedding. From all of the detail pictures -- which I especially love because as a busy bride the day of the wedding, I didn't get to see how everything turned out; to the bridal party pictures -- it makes me smile so big when I look at my bridesmaids and I together, and laugh so hard every time I see the guys together (typical and so them!); to the family portraits -- which I seriously cannot get enough of. We've never looked so good! And last, but definitely not least, to the pictures of Eric and I as husband and wife -- you could not have made two awkward/weird kids look better! Knowing just how strange we can be, I was a little worried that they might not turn out as good as someone hopes their wedding pictures turn out, but they far surpass my expectations."

"Thank you for allowing us to be our goofy selves and somehow making our pictures together look elegant and effortless."

kortney + eric

"Not only did she get every picture I asked for, she caught so many sweet moments throughout the night. My dad even commented that he never realized she was there and yet her lens was everywhere. We have received so many compliments on our photos and can’t stop patting ourselves on the back for making the right choice."

"By the day of our wedding she felt like an old friend."

sarah + eric

"My family loves you, you made both Christopher and I comfortable throughout the whole entire day and when in front of your camera. I sound like a broken record I am sure but every kind and thoughtful word in the dictionary should have a picture of you next to it. It's a blessing having your friendship and cannot wait to see where the years unfold!" 

"From the bottom of my heart, Kari you are a forever friend."

molly + christopher

"I could not have asked for a more professional, personable, thoughtful, and prepared photographer for our magical day! She made every moment look and feel beyond special, and I am going to love and cherish our memories, that she so perfectly captured for us, for years and years to come!! THANK YOU Kari Dawson, we love you!!"

"I am so thankful for our wonderful wedding photographer!!"

jackie + josh

"Kari was able to capture the sweetest moments that I had no idea she was even shooting; the pictures she took for us are truly one of our most prized possessions now. I love that I look around our home and see the photos she took everywhere. We received endless complements on our photos and on how professional Kari and her team was the day of the wedding. Kari, Christopher & I can't thank you enough or speak highly enough of you, much love!!"

"She is full of lovely surprises and made us feel so comfortable." 

Kimberly + christopher

Her photography is organic – pure and raw. Her grace and free spirit make it so easy and so comfortable to be in front of the camera. She makes you feel so special and so loved, and that in and of itself is such a lovely gift to have. Kari is everything we ever wanted (and then some) in a photographer, but also a huge inspiration to us. She has the most amazing love story. My husband and I not only gained a lifelong friend but we also gained an endless amount of admiration for her. She doesn’t even understand the beautiful handprint she left on our hearts, so thank you, Kari! Your photographs are stunning but you are far more beautiful inside and out. Thank you for being with us on our wedding day. We love you.

"She has this incredible, unexplainable ability to capture the most breathtaking moments." 

kayte + charlie

We looked at quite a few wedding photographers, but always had our hearts set on Kari as soon as we saw her photos. Once we met Kari, it was game over. She is so organized and thorough. Kari took care of everything, but did so in such a calming way! Who knew our photographer would also be the calming voice we needed on our wedding day!

"We couldn't be happier with our wedding photos!"

Alison + bryan

I wish I could give Kari 10 stars because that's how many she deserves! She captured every moment of our wedding beautifully and was definitely our favorite vendor from our wedding. She is amazingly talented, professional, and also very sweet! 

"Wish I could give Kari 10 stars!"

Lauren + chase

"You have been our favorite part of wedding planning. You are a treasure. Your work is beautiful and we will treasure these memories the rest of our lives. Thank you so much for giving us the wedding photos of our dreams." 

"You are a treasure..." 


"I don't even know where to begin with Kari. She was INCREDIBLE and far exceeded our expectations in every regard. She demonstrated thoughtfulness in her unexpected mailed gifts both prior to and after the wedding. She demonstrated professionalism in her communication, timeliness, and god-given talent. She captured every moment of our special day perfectly and we feel so lucky to have photographs that help us relive our wedding day over and over again. We are forever grateful for her work. She is the photographer you need and I don't have enough good things to say about her."

"She was incredible..." 

Cecily + jonathan

"I can’t even put into words how much I appreciated Kari on our wedding day! Not only is her work breathtaking, she has a quality that puts you right at ease. The morning of my wedding I was so nervous, but Kari requested details upfront that allow her to assist you through the day. All the people in my wedding party commented how kind and fun Kari was, as well as her Faith and Elle. Thank you Kari for the incredibly beautiful images that make me want to live our wedding day over and over!"

"The photos make me want to live our wedding day over and over..." 

Erica + bryan

"Kari is SO deserving of all these 5 star reviews; she was truly instrumental in helping us turn our wedding dreams into a reality! Kari is both extremely organized and on top of things, but also so sweet she makes you feel like you've known her for years. This was a perfect combination for us because she made me feel like we were in good hands from a planning perspective and helped us feel comfortable in front of the camera. I was blown away by the quality of our wedding photos and know we will cherish them forever."

"I know we will cherish them forever..."

sarah + steven

You will get plenty of sneak peeks; the full unveiling of print-ready images will be within 90 days of your wedding day. (For engagement sessions, you’ll receive final images within 4 weeks.)
If your collection includes an album, once you sign off on the design, my lab will handcraft it for you and have it back within 4-6 weeks of your approval.


How long will it take to receive my photographs?

My priority is how each photo makes you feel. Please know that I would rather turn over 50 photos that truly move you (and make you desperately want to hang each one in your home) than 800 images you’d casually click through. I choose the best moments of your day to deliver, and you can expect to receive 50-80 final images per hour of coverage. Each image will be fully retouched and ready to print.

How many photographs will I receive?


The bride was the only girl among seven boys. The oldest brother cut into her dance with her dad. Soon, the next brother was tapping a shoulder and stealing her away. By the time her third brother broke in, the entire room was in tears, including me. 

What is your favorite wedding memory?

The choice is yours. When we chat, I will share a few insights gained from walking with over 150 couples through their wedding day. (Hint: The decision isn’t about photos, it’s about how you want to experience emotions and intimacy together on your wedding day.) I’ll offer some thoughts, including a few elements most couples don’t consider, and the choice is up to you. I’ll happily honor whatever you decide.

Do you do a ‘first look’ early in the day?

You’ll never know it from your photos! Every image will include retouching for things like minor skin imperfections, stray hairs, etc. Because I believe you’re beautiful just as you are, I don’t do any heavy-handed Photoshop - I simply photograph people in a flattering, elegant way to begin with.  
I know some people worry that they will not look as good as the people they see in my portfolio - we are all our own worst critics - but plenty of those people in the photos worried the same thing. Pretty soon, others will be looking at your photos wondering if they will look that beautiful. I will take good care to make sure you look and feel like your best self in your images. 

Okay, I hate to ask this but - what if I have a blemish on my wedding day?

Yes, digital files and printing rights are included with all sessions and weddings. While you are free to print on your own, as an added convenience, your final gallery comes equipped with the ability to order prints, canvases, and thank you cards from my professional lab. They ship directly to you. Professional labs produce high quality prints that bring to life everything that made you fall in love with the photo. It’s a breeze to access this service!

Will I receive digital files and printing rights to my images?


Wonderful! Drop me a line in the contact area below, and I’ll answer every one!

I have more questions!

Because - every night I sigh and think “THIS is my favorite place” as I fall asleep in my husband’s arms. Todd is the funniest man I know. I love his company. I am who I am today because I am married to him. He is so good, and he makes me want to be better. What could be better than ushering another couple into their own journey? I care about your wedding, but I also care about your marriage. I will go out of my way to make every part of the time leading up to your wedding contain many sighs of relief so you can focus on each other.

Why did you become a wedding photographer?

Yes, and yes! New settings always stir creativity, and I keep my travel fees as low as possible to make it affordable for me to head wherever you are.  
And while the collections on my site represent the most popular options, I am happy to customize something specifically for you - simply let me know what you have in mind!  

do you travel or create custom collections?


signed. sealed. delivered.

If you don't hear from me within 24 hours please contact me directly at 586.894.8002 or kari@karidawson.com

 Cozy up and tell me a little of your story! It all starts here:

Thank you! 
We will be in touch with you shortly!

If you don't hear from me within 24 hours please contact me directly at 586.894.8002 or kari@karidawson.com


"When you find people who not only tolerate your quirks but celebrate them with glad cries of "me, too!" be sure to cherish them. Because those weirdos are your tribe."
- AJ Downey

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