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Hi! I'm Kari Dawson. I'm definitely a girly-girl, book worm/kindle lover, Pinterest addict, fashionista, music lover, quote collector and a gal that values quality time with loved ones. My family is hugely important. I've been married more than half my life to an amazing man who is the epitome of selflessness.

My circle of friends is small but those handful of meaningful relationships mean more to me than 1000 friends ever could. The number of weddings I commission each year is also limited because I genuinely enjoy getting to know my couples. I love to create an experience, and not simply offer a service. The better acquainted we are, the more comfortable, playful, and flirty you'll be in front of the camera. If it feels like we're old friends, you'll be focused on how hot your groom looks in his wedding garb as opposed to feeling awkward.

It's so fun working with couples that are fun-loving, lively, and entertaining. And, I also value being able to capture the small, flirty smile or seeing a groom's shoulders relax as soon as he sees his bride. There is an entire unheard language in the glances people share, in embraces, in tears, and in laughter. THAT is what I love to capture. I would rather turn over 50 images that make you remember, feel, laugh, or cry versus 800 average photographs that lack depth.

I'm Audrey Hepburn with a nose ring. My signature scent is Chanel Mademoiselle and essential oils.